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Affirmations are intended to shift the way you think. But repeating "I AM happy" (stated as a fact occurring in the present tense) when you're sad or depressed, can be like beating your head against reality, because in that moment you're saying something you believe to be untrue! That feeling of conflict keeps you separate from what you seek. The Law of Attraction works on the feeling.

When you say "I LOVE BEING happy", it remains true whether or not you are happy in the moment. Since you DO love being happy (unless you are irretrievably masochistic!) there is no conflict about the truth of the statement. It feels safe to keep saying it, and that helps you build an emotional bridge between where you are and where you want to be. The "I Love..." affirmations are always phrased as a process that is happening in the eternal now.

The affirmations are collected in subjects such as relationships, calm, release, assertiveness, rather like mini-workshops on each topic. As you will see, each subject is matched with an attractive and relevant photograph. The combination gently and simply shift your thoughts in a more useful direction.

The Law of Attraction page at the back of the book has suggestions for you to create your own affirmations relating to your own personal goals and desires.


About the Author

Reality Quest
jentiller Letchworth, Hertfordshire UK
As a therapist and trainer, I help clients take back control of their lives. My clients go from stressed to calm, wheezy to breathing freely, phobic to relaxed, and lacking self-esteem to confident and effective. A core part of my business is working with people in the caring professions (nurses, therapists, parents....anyone who gives a bit too much!). "The Resilient Therapist" programme provides skills, support, mentoring and a practical approach to feeling great so you can continue to 'do good'! Healthy rapport a specialty! Resources include my journals, posters, relaxation CDs, manuals and art for peaceful spaces (photography and multi-media artworks). I'm happy to create tailored training, keynote speeches and resources and will run programmes across England if there's a call for it. Phone and video conferencing is also an option.

Publish Date  February 26, 2012

Dimensions  Small Square  72 pgs Premium Paper, matte finish

Category  Self-Improvement

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