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In July 2007, a small area in Central Otago, situated in the deep south of the South Island of New Zealand, experienced almost two weeks of continuous hoarfrost conditions which lead to stunningly beautiful and natural landscapes. A hoarfrost is frozen dew and covers everything with white ice crystals. It forms when the air is moist and when the wind is weak or absent and when surfaces are very cold. It is often formed on clear winter nights, especially in valleys and hollows. The book has 80 pages of photographs which have been converted to grayscale (back and white) to illustrate the sheer artistry and natural beauty of the hoarfrost in one of New Zealand's most premier and beautiful locations.
Bruce Burgess is a New Zealand freelance photographer living in Auckland and he used 18 of these images in a portfolio to gain his Fellowship (FPSNZ) distinction with the Photographic Society of New Zealand in March 2008.


About the Author

Bruce Burgess
Kiwikiwi Auckland, New Zealand

Bruce Burgess is a Fellow of the Photographic Society of New Zealand (FPSNZ). He is a widely traveled freelance photographer who has had a passion for photography for over 40 years. He has a keen interest in people, landscape, photojournalism, travel photography and audio visuals.

Bruce is a proud New Zealander, who is inspired by the natural beauty that surrounds him. His philosophy in photography is to adopt a personal style that portrays an artistic vision which can also be emotionally powerful. He also makes photography "fun".

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