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Through pictures, More Than Music, shows that being a part of band is really a lesson preparing students for the remainder of their life. The things students learn while participating in high school band can be applied to many other areas of everyday living. While the music created by the band is enjoyable to hear, it is equally uplifting to see pictures of the character building which occurred during the last year. Keep the memories of the best times from the high school year alive with these pictures.


About the Author

Della Watters
dellaroo Everett, PA

With my camera, I freeze a split second in time to record the smile, movement, or expression that otherwise goes by unnoticed in the blink of an eye. Pictures tell the story of an event and preserve some of the emotions we felt as we recall the experience or person. Our memories fade with time, and a picture is a tangible reminder we can hold in our hands and hearts.

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