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45 seconds...the time it takes a 664 Polaroid to develop at room temperature. These 45 seconds command you to relax and be present. There is no reason to rush and no possibility of expediting the process of shooting the desired photographs. The “common sense” of shooting portraiture in our shiny and bold digital age of photography is being de-programmed. The usual vast volume of produced images is purposely diminished, but the promised delivery of an instant proof, an image to observe, still remains. This book is the result of my venture into Polaroid portraiture and my vision of photographic aesthetics in capturing people.


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Philipp Striebe
chromakarma San Francisco, California, United States

Philipp Striebe is a photographer and digital artist focusing mainly on fine art, alternative landscape and fashion photography. Philipp relocated to San Francisco, California in early 2007 from Germany, where he grew up. Born in 1976, he discovered early on the wide spectrum of the arts and its techniques, but only one of these truly captured his imagination and stayed with him to this day – the medium of photography. Since then this fascination with the light–drawn image and its potential has never let him loose and he began to develop his photography more seriously, which has brought him artistically to where he is today. In 2009 he studied the field of photography at the San Francisco Art Institute to intensify and refine his self–taught knowledge as a photographer and digital artist. Since his first exhibition in 2007 his photography has been displayed and published in Europe and the United States.
Philipp Striebe is a photographer and digital artist focusing mainly on fine art, a

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