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Mongolia 2009. A pack of children on small sturdy horses race across the steppe. In the thick of the action is a lone foreign boy. His name is Angus Paradice. He is 12 years old and he is from Australia. A year ago on holiday in Mongolia, he watched enviously as local children galloped across the wild empty grasslands.

Back home in Australia, he started training, riding 25kms home from school each day. And now he is back in Mongolia. He must find a trainer willing to take him on. He must learn new skills. He must find the courage within himself to become the first foreign boy ever to compete in the big Nadaam Festival horse races.

This is the story of one boy's determination to make his dream come true.


About the Author

Robyn Leeder
pastelpics Sydney, australia
After a 30 year career as an Interior Architect, Robyn has turned her attention to art, print making and photography. Married to award winning documentary film maker and adventurer, Michael Dillon, she shares Michael's passion for travel, the Australian bush and the outback and the people of the Himalaya.

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