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On July 24th 2008 I did a Google image search using +walker evans +sherrie levine as my search parameter. This book is a collection of all twenty-six images of Allie Mae Burroughs, the most famous of the Evans photos of the Burroughs family that I could find on that day.

They are positioned to match the original print with any white space around the image representing the cropped area of the reproduced picture.

File size, pixel aspect ratio and URL of all images are included as a frame of reference. It is only in reading the file names that we can identify if the reproduced image is a Levine or an Evans.

For more info and additional images see:

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About the Author

Hermann Zschiegner
hhead106 New York
Hermann is an artist living in Brooklyn, New York. He is the principal of TWO-N, INC – a New York based design studio working at the cross section of new media, graphic design, and the built-environment – committed to experimentation and collaboration in the fields of architecture, interaction design, data visualization, print design, and photography. Hermann’s work will be shown at this years Rencontres d’Arles in the group show “FROM HERE ON”, curated by Clément Chéroux, Joan Fontcuberta , Erik Kessels, Martin Parr, and Joachim Schmid. Some of his books will be part of the ABC/POD show at Printed Matter, New York. Together with artist Jeff Brouws and Wendy Burton he is currently working on “Various Small Books“, a book about books made in homage or referencing the Artist Books of Ed Ruscha to be published by MIT Press early 2013. Hermann is a member of the ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative.

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uknojaymz says

Thank you for taking the time to reply to the quandary I had presented.

posted at 11:19pm Jul 29 PST


hhead106 says

Really both. Obviously, this book is (yet another) spin on Levine’s “After Walker Evans” from 1980. The discourse of appropriation and copyrights reached a new level in the past few years due to the Internet and the relative ease with which we can duplicate and distribute files online. Think: “The Work of Art in the Age of Google Image Search”…This is true to most of my recent work, btw. See:
I guess with this book I was mostly interested in the subtle differences between the photos as a result of various jpg compressions, the variations in pixilation and color. Ruff’s work definitively comes to mind, especially his “JPEGS” as well as “Nudes”.
And finally, I was fascinated by the fact that the distinction between the Walker source and the Levine was only clear by including the original URL and filename…

posted at 02:25pm Jul 29 PST


uknojaymz says

I am curious...

Was this a book an influence from Sherrie Levine's photo series where she caused a sensation amongst the art world by pushing the boundaries of copyright -- where Levine basically flat-art copied the work of well known photos such as Walker Evans, etc? Or is this an influence of how Thomas Ruff uses digital images and uses the interpolation of the image as a part of his content in order to push envelope in terms of perception?

posted at 01:47am Jul 29 PST


hhead106 says

@Macef64: can you be more specific?

posted at 10:29am Jul 26 PST


Macef64 says

Are you serious?

posted at 08:39am Jul 26 PST

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