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An exhibition held at Forty Five Downstairs, Melbourne
5th - 16th February 2008

Each time I visit Italy I’m drawn to its visual contradictions. I find a country constantly battling ancient versus modern and a people who find paradoxical yet practical solutions to every day problems. In my visits over the past 7 years I’ve tried to capture images which explain this dichotomy. I hope this exhibition of photographs taken during these travels will relay to you the unusual, sometimes abstract and surreal aspects which fascinate me about this intriguing country.


About the Author

Ian Macrae
macway Elwood, Victoria, Australia

Ian Macrae has been a film director and photographer for over 35 years.

His photographs are held in various private collections in Australia and Europe.

Ian trained at Prahran Art School in Melbourne majoring in Painting and Photography. His principal career has been as a film director specializing in visual special effects and together with his wife Andy as producer, they ran their own film company for many years in Melbourne. Ian has maintained his interest in photography since art school and held an exhibition in 1999 called Pure, consisting of photographs, predominantly landscapes. In 2000 Ian and Andy spent a year living in Italy, in a small town called Bevagna situated in the centre of Umbria. Since then they regularly travel back to Italy where they make a point of discovering new places they have not seen and finding interesting photographic opportunities. In 2008 Ian had an exhibition at Forty Five Downstairs Melbourne and also in Italy 2012.

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