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This is "Spill No. 2" in the 'Splenidferous Spillage' series of the Cartoon Wizard and the Color Witch.

After the Witch and the Wizard realize that each bucket of color contains a story (see book no.1- The Splendiferous Spillage of the Cartoon Wizard and the Color Witch) they tip over another one.

Three of the orneriest trolls emerge and complain of their woes and misfortune. Being disliked by everyone and everything just isn’t very fun. They come to the conclusion that they don’t want to be trolls anymore. But how are they to do that?

The Witch and Wizard send their special magic to them in the form of three troll-fairies.

With the help of their fairy guides, the trolls 'meet' a stately tree that at first doesn't like them much either. 'Tree' emanates an incredible light but it is sickly and dying. It has no substance to root it to the life giving earth.

The meeting of the two energies is a dance between shadow and light. Both the earthy,dark trolls and the light and airy tree finally realize this and their willingness to let go and help the other turns out to benefit both.

Included in this wonderful tale is a basic art lesson where children (and their parents) can also learn simple techniques about creating three dimensional values (using the qualities of light and dark) to their drawings.

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Stay in touch with CW2, the Witch and Wizard and all their friends as they get ready to tip over another bucket spilling out another 'fantastical' story.


About the Author

Paul and Theodocia
paulreynolds Winnemucca,/Kealia, NV/HI, USA

The Color Witch, Theodocia (Teddy) Swecker, and The Cartoon Wizard, Paul Reynolds,have been artists,writers and teachers for over 40 years and friends for over 20 years.
Since developing the original concept for the Witch and Wizard, Teddy and Paul have continued to identify ways to use their ‘alter-egos’ to teach and help children explore the world of drawing ,painting and writing.
Their example shows children that the creative process is a true dance between the world of the formless and form, light and dark, chaos and order,feminine and masculine, rules and no rules.

Publish Date  July 29, 2008

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  44 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Children

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