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Discovering Uzbekistan

A mythic country at the crossroads of the Persian, Chinese and Mongol empires, Uzbekistan has been passed through by many civilizations over the past millennia. It is a country marked by the footsteps of, among others, Alexander The Great, Jenghiz Khan and Timur making their way along the Silk Road.

This is a magnificent journey with some of the most amazing jewels in Central Asia, from the settings of 1001 nights, in places like Khiva, Bukhara or Samarkand to the green oasis of the Fergana Valley. But the country is also currently struggling in the image of the ongoing Aral Sea disaster which can be observed from Moynaq.

Uzbekistan is trying to find its way between ancestral traditions and an appealing need for modernity.

Besides the locations, it is the warm hospitality and generosity of the Uzbek people which make any journey over there a memory which will last forever.

Forget about the legend, you will be part of it.

Welcome to Uzbekistan!



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