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Take a nostalgic look back at a special time in a special place. It's a photographic social history of the 1970s alternative culture on the Mendocino Coast of northern California, with 160 pages and over 180 photos. A limited first edition of 200 numbered and signed copies sold out in a week, becoming an instant rare book. The current 1st revised edition is the same book with some errors and omissions corrected.

"...Nicholas Wilson brings that era to blazing life once more. It's time travel at its funniest and most poignant.... Reading 'Mendocino In the Seventies' is a bittersweet visit to a time we imagined could last forever, but was gone in the space of a decade or so. ... If you can find a copy ... by all means grab it." -- Tony Miksak in Words On Books

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Nicholas Wilson
booknik Mendocino, California, USA
Raised in Brownsville, Texas; BA&MA University of Texas, Austin, 1960s; lives in beautiful coastal Mendocino County of Northern California since 1970. Award-winning editorial, documentary and fine art photographer and part-time journalist since 1971.

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PheromoneAut says

Thats brilliant...

posted at 09:04pm Jul 26 PST


booknik says

Wow! My book is now available as a downloadable PDF file, thanks to Blurb's new service. I know the printed versions are a little spendy, but now you can get it RIGHT NOW with no sales tax or shipping cost or delay. (It's about 60MB file, so don't try this with a dialup connection.)

posted at 12:51pm Sep 25 PST


booknik says

On over 135 people have marked the cover photo "New Pioneer Family" as a favorite, making it by far my most favorited Flickr shot.

posted at 01:38pm Nov 23 PST


elkkid2 says

His pictures of the Band,"Cat Mother and the all Night Newsboys" were the best ever!

posted at 08:28pm May 20 PST


elkkid2 says

I've known Nicholas since the Seventies. I've always loved his Photos!

posted at 08:27pm May 20 PST

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