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"Lessons from Grandma" was written early in the 1900's but never published except as a little typewritten piece for family members.. "Grandma" Susan Bearden Petty might be embarrassed by the publication of a study of her life's journey for this is a true story. Born in 1825 in rural Georgia and married at only 15, she moved to East Texas where her life's story herein is told. Grandmas in the 19th century dealt with trials not faced now or even by your own Grandmas. This volume tells of rural life in the aftermath of the Civil War. As a Confederate war widow (her husband died at home while on furlough after suffering wounds during the Civil War), she had to deal with drought, wild animals, sometimes wilder children, "ruffians", run-away horses and even a real ghost! But more so, this book portrays life in 1800's East Texas and how Aunt Susan helped others enjoy life and lay foundations as future Texans and Americans. You will find a lot of humor mixed in with the wisdom and true-life history.


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Ronald E. Wade
ronwadegop Longview, Texas USA
Ronald E. Wade was born in Gilmer, Upshur County, Texas, the son of Ellis W.Wade and Rosedyne Langford Wade. As a child Ron would sit at the feet of his grandparents and great-grandparents and listen to family history. At age 17 Ron wrote his first book, A Pioneer Southern Family Life published by the Texian Press of Waco, Texas recording all of the family lore he had meticulously recorded. He published a second book The Langford Legacy in 1983 also by the Texian Press. As the "family historian" members of the family gave Ron fascinating family correspondence, photographs, records and artifacts which he carefully preserved and donated in 2005 to the East Texas Research Center at Stephen F. Austin University. A lifetime in politics led to friendships with many U.S. Presidents including close relationships with both Presidents Bush. His wife Laura and their 2 children live in Longview, Texas where he has built an exact replica of the White House Oval Office at his home.

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bama1967 says

I have learned that Susan Bearden Petty is my great, great grandmother. James Willis Petty is my great grandfather. His son William Hardy Petty is my grandfather. My mother is his daughter. My mom said , that she had a copy of the book when she was young ,but did not realize what the book was about. She said, her grandfather used to type the books out himself. My family , is thinking that James Willis's great, great, grandson has his writing talent. My family will be buying a copy of the book. I did not add my mother's name for privacy reasons.

posted at 05:04am Mar 25 PST


vallain1 says

What a treasure to have put these family memories into print! Very nice book.

posted at 10:58am Dec 28 PST


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