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Intimate view of my puzzling world adds a new dimension to the visualization of the author's artistic experiences. However, renowned artist/jurist Vee Corralo says it best with these thoughtful words, "The sophisticated eye of photographer Yves Gabriel speaks to us in this jewel of a book. The rhythmic elements of photography and placement engage the viewer to a visual journey that delights the soul".


About the Author

Yves Gabriel
gabedesign Fl, United States
Events in our daily life, whether staged or circumstantial, help shape our purpose on this beautiful planet. As a contemporary visual artist, I use my skills to reproduce some of these experiences, which provide an intimate view of this puzzling and enigmatic world. Organic sculpture sparked my desire to become an artist over 7 years ago. My fascination with this art form helped me uncover the intricate and subtle beauty that stemmed from decayed roots and branches. This experience along with a degree in Graphic Design and Fine Art led to my transition to digitized art, using photographic, organic and non-organic materials to help bring to life the emotions that derive from personal, social and political issues, or simply mundane objects. It also provided me with the opportunity to evolve as a painter, an abstract expressionist. To conclude, abstraction affords me the ability to address a core issue through a representation from which the subject matter is not altered or compromised

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