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The Snail Races is a collection of photography that is satisfying to the eyes. The photographs were taken on a father's "adventures" with his two children in and around Toronto as well as in the countryside of Ontario.

There are beautiful sights to be seen and exciting discoveries to be made--all through the eyes of the children, experiencing these places for the first time. There are exotic and ordinary animals, flowers and plants that stir memories of their sweet fragrance. There is sky and water that seem so vast. There are buildings and human-made structures that shine with detailed artistry. All of these and more make for a beautiful collection to enjoy.

The Snail Races was an actual event that happened one early morning when my daughter and I found over thirty snails in the garden. We moved them all to the side walk and lined them up. Then my daughter yelled "On your marks...get set...go!" and they were off! Like the snails, sometimes it's nice to get really close and explore your surrounding slowly and then branch off in whatever direction your interests take you.


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