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Revealing a previously hidden dimension of the Mayan sacred calendar mysteriously resonant with the orbit of planet Uranus, this book presents readers with an opportunity to become conscious participants in a newly emerging planetary mythology aided by an astrologically-determined birthright sourced in the Tzolkin, one of the world's most enigmatic and revered spiritual artifacts.

The book is richly illustrated with artworks created by the author and his wife as fulfillment of their own mythological birthrights.

The book is meant to introduce readers to the much more extensive resources available on the author's Lightning Path website at


About the Author

Dwayne Rourke
dwayner Spences Bridge, BC, Canada
In the late sixties, as a young undergraduate at the University of Calgary, I viewed the very first images of Earth sent back from space. Uplifted and inspired by the primordial majesty and beauty of what I witnessed in those seminal images, I suddenly conceived of myself as an "Earth person," someone with an identity far more expansive and inclusive than anything offered by my culture of birth. Instinctively, I seized the moment and began a life-long quest that has engendered in me, a fulfilling sense of mystic participation in the dawn of a new era for humanity. As part of my own contribution to the emergence of that era, I have formulated a synthesis of astrology, yoga and mythology that simultaneously fosters individual human sovereignty and collective co-creativity. I call it The Lightning Path and my books are inspired by my ongoing inner and outer explorations of it.

Publish Date  April 19, 2012

Dimensions  Pocket  80 pgs Color printing (on white uncoated paper)

Category  Religion & Spirituality

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