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This was an exercise to inform myself about what I KNOW versus what I THINK about everything, including and probably most importantly, myself. What am I? Energy, light, perception, consciousness, satisfaction, boundaries, freedom, time, love, joy? How do I learn to sing the stones into being and why should I? I know that the faster the film moves past the aperture, the slower the motion when played back. I KNOW the faster, the slower. I have experienced it once a long time ago. A conundrum right off the bat.
All I can do is explore
perhaps in an oblique manner, teasing whatever I am into revelations, however small until I KNOW, if I ever do. And yet I suspect I already contain the information. The trick is to bring it forward.
This book is personal. I used the making of it, playing with my photographs, as a tried and true way to get me out of my left brain and logical, scientific mind and let whatever creative juices and higher energies, like maybe a higher consciousness, be evoked. It is this process that illuminates any wormholes in my particular reality. A dreamlike pronouncement was given to me recently: "Sing the stones into being." So I search for the metaphoric meaning of those words along with answers to countless other of my endless inquiries. Perhaps this little book might be a fleeting guide for someone else's need to find his or her own process(es). Who (or what) KNOWS?


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Kathy Bonham
kpbonham South Central, Virginia in Faber
Born in 1944 in Bluefield West Virginia, I have two years on the baby boomers. Johnson High School, in Japan, is my alma mater. I have been in every state in the USA and in my middle adulthood I traveled to a great many parts of the world. I spent about 31 years practicing law in Denver, Colorado and I now find myself transported to my early childhood backyard. I love photography and the study of outer space and inner space. I am a product of the 1960's.

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