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We always seem to be either going somewhere or yearning to go somewhere. Whether we travel physically or visualise the ‘somewhere’ in our minds, we long to discover what is around the next corner or over the next hill. In the mountains we find creeks and rivers captured in tight, defined valleys; the equivalent on the prairies - the coulees and the meandering river valleys - are subtle, more gentle, and seem to invite the mind to wander and imagine.
I am drawn to my ‘somewhere’ on the prairies and in the foothills woodlands. What makes me want to travel the extra mile to discover my ‘somewhere’ can be the feeling of freedom on the grasslands, the surprise of the Qu’Appelle Valley and its lakes, or the enjoyment I find in the treasured flora of the prairie coulees and foothills valleys.
My offering of images for “Going Somewhere” captures moments when I either found what I desired or saw where I wanted to go next. Can these images trigger your own, personal vision of a ‘somewhere’ that you have been or would like to find? I hope so.


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Jack Blair
Jackve6 Alberta, Canada

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