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A celebration of Michelle L'amour, internationally known as "The Most Naked Woman". This fantastic book features over 200 nude photographs of this spectacular performer, ranging from the subtle and artistic to the hotly erotic. Ten photographers interpret her beautiful nudity, including vintage Playboy photographer Bunny Yeager and burlesque photographer extraordinaire Jeff Millies (PEZ).

From the jacket...

"Conceived as another expression of the powerfully vulnerable sexuality of Michelle L'amour, "The Most Naked Woman" quickly took on a life of its own. After combing through literally hundreds of candidate photographs, the ones that most deeply articulated the nakedness of this woman began to speak for themselves.

It soon became apparent that this project was less the compiling of a book than it was the curating of an art collection. In this case, the artist painted emotional works with the sheer energy of her skin.

There is no intentional chronology here, though you're welcome to find your own. There is no burlesque here, no tease. This is vulnerability, without helplessness...a woman unguarded, yet fundamentally strong. Lusty, compelling, feminine, determined?violently courageous and heart-breakingly fragile. Frank, exposed, laid bare in every sense of the word. And in such an enduring manner as this book.

But in revealing herself in such a tactile way, are we also forced to let down our own guard?

For the first time, the artist now invites you to walk through this immutable gallery as enthusiast, participant, lover, habitue' and voyeur.


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sikorskyi says

Fine work...

posted at 10:36pm Sep 10 PST


onelightroom says

spicy curve woman

posted at 03:18am Oct 14 PST


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