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MOSAIC: FINDING YOUR OWN VOICE is overflowing with inspiration and information. The book delves into design and composition to help you find your own style and includes technical information just for artists interested in mosaic. The inspiration section features chapters on the works of fine art mosaicists Elaine M. Goodwin, Sonia King, Dugald MacInnes, Mo Ringey, and Brit Hammer-Dijcks.


In "Groutline" magazine, published by the Society of American Mosaic Artists (Winter 2009):
“This recent publication appeals to novices as well as experienced mosaicists. With its wide range of illustrated works, including a number by well-known SAMA members, the book reveals important trends in contemporary mosaics”. - Jean Ann Dabb, Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Mary Washington.

In "Grout" magazine, published by the British Association for Modern Mosaic (Winter 2009):
“It seeks to get the reader to contemplate the question ‘Who are you?’ and to find the answer in their own art. In the process, it has become a very fine showcase for some of the best new mosaic of recent years.“ - Chris Blanchett, proprietor of Buckland Books (specialist in all books on tile and mosaic).

"Dear Brit, I finally received the book. It's gorgeous!! It's the first mosaic book that includes techniques and supplies also the main element of mosaic - inspiration. You have placed the perfect pieces of art in the perfect chapters. You have created a book which makes me want to re-read it often for inspiration. You have given concrete ideas to those of us who don't know how to go about delving into ourselves for the real inspiration. Thank you!" - Patty, USA

"Got mine the other day, taking it really slow and absorbing each page. Been real inspired so far after maybe 8 pages? Buying pieces for a new project tomorrow following that inspiration." - Jeff, USA


About the Author

Brit Hammer
brithammer Rotterdam, Netherlands

The one thing you need to know about me is that I love to have light-hearted fun. While I'm sincere and introspective, I enjoy letting my hair down. By reverting back to childlike whimsy we tap back into our right brains, which is where our creativity lives. And that's how we create a better world for all.

Aside from creating art, the one thing I'm super-duper passionate about is teaching. My books help you tap back into your own inner artist to overcome fear and become your highest potential.

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