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Poetic Conjuring - Personal magic for the close-up magician

A collection of effects and routines from the close-up repertoire of Anthony J. Harle.

Each effect has been designed to create a real sense of magic for you audience. Something they will remember for years to come. The book is split into two main sections, the first consisting of magic relating to cards and the second to other objects. Some of the effects included are:

Thought of Card - A card it thought of and the magician is able to determine it's identity.

Coincidence - A selection is made by one spectator after which, another spectator thoroughly shuffles the rest of the cards. At the end, the selection is turned over at the same time as the top card of the deck only to find they match in both colour and value.

Imaginary Deck - A spectator is given a sealed envelope and is then apparently hypnotized. They are given suggestions to imagine a particular playing card before being brought back. They then select and remember a card from a deck but keep hold of it. When asked what their card was, they name it but are shocked to find that the card was in fact blank, along with the rest of the deck. The routine finished by the magician proving that the card suggested was the same as the one named by having the envelope opened. The card matches the named card.

Houdini's Card - A selection is made and signed before being fairly placed inside the card case. The case is given to a second spectator for safe keeping. Moments later the cards are spread and the selection has jumped to be face up in the middle of the deck. The case is shown to be empty. The case is given back to the spectator and the cards gathered. Now, after another moment the cards are spread again only to find that the card has vanished again. The case is once again checked and the signed card is found back inside.

Gypsy Thread - A different take on an old classic. In this version, the spectator does all the work with minimal contact from the magician. It also includes an added kicker at the end.

Destiny of the Ring - An envelope is placed on the table and left for the time being. A ring is then borrowed and made to vanish. After a moment, the envelope is opened by the spectator who's ring is now missing only to find that it is inside the envelope which had been on display from the start.

Each effect is described fully with discussions on ways in which to present it and how to make the magic feel real and memorable for your audiences.

Other effects and ideas are included also along with a few designs and explanations for impossible cards. Cards which have been cut and folded into some impossible shapes. There is also talk of how to make your own marked deck and a system for memorizing a deck of cards.

A great little book with some really strong magic your audience won't forget. For the price, a real bargain.


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Poetic Conjuring
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Poetic Conjuring, creating personal magic for the close-up performer

Publish Date  May 21, 2012

Dimensions  Pocket  180 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

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