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This book is the debut in a series from renowned London-based Aerosol Writer, The Artful Dodger.

It charts some of his rarely seen early designs and explorations into Aerosol Writing (commonly referred to 'graffiti' writing or graffiti art). It is a 'retrospective' book going back to what many would arguably refer to as the 'golden' period of the early 1980s!

Also, unlike many books in this vein, it is not just a bunch of anonymous pictures, it has text and descriptions as well, giving you a deeper insight into what went on during the early stages of London's emerging Urban Art scene.

There are a limited number of these available, so if you have a feel for what went on back in the day with regards to the history of 1980s Aerosol Culture in London, then this is for you!


About the Author

Identicons London, UK
At IdenticonArts our services range from creating exciting urban art murals (for homes and workspaces), logos and graphics, to our current series of exciting books, beginning with The Drums of War. Our clients include BAA Heathrow Airport, BBC TV, Channel 4, EA Games, LucasFilm (Star Wars), MTV, The South Bank Show, and the breakfast cereal Weetabix. We also offer various teaching programmes and are available to paint and give demonstrations at a variety of events, whether business, personal or celebratory.

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