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Ed Marshall Photography NYC
Dreadman718 Brooklyn, New York

Freelance Photographer residing in Brooklyn, New York.
Born in The Bronx, he now resides in Brooklyn. Ed Marshall fell in love with photography on a hot Summer's day in 1990. He purchased a Chinon CP7M semi-auto SLR after the Canon AE1 his father gave him, had its body cracked in an accident. The purchase of the new camera wasn't made right away. The initial urge to purchase a new camera was to inspire him to write from captured images. Being a musician at the time he found inspiration in still-imagery and went out looking for his music. His photos were seen and purchased by a partner of a well known accounting firm in New York city, just a year later. March 2006 Ed would pick his cameras up again to document the New York City artist/music scene and the world as he now sees it.

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mafuane says

as the bride on this special day.. i gotta say ed was the best photographer i could've asked for. thankfully a friend who knew him as a photographer mainly for music events felt like this wouldn't be a stretch for him given his talent and creativity. he was right! i felt relaxed and confident in him from the start. he said he just wanted to tell our story, and he did just that. besides his professionalism, his presence and vibe fit right into our day and he managed to capture things effortlessly. well at least it seemed effortless to us! this book is a piece of my soul. what he captured and how he put it together surpasses what i imagined. i think his ability to not be tied into just one genre of photography is an asset that helped create the magic that is this book.

posted at 11:40pm Dec 09 PST

Tarrah & Ethan's Wedding Day - Wedding photo book
Published September 26, 2010

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