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Adhoc solutions are abundant in our daily lives whether we are conscious of them or not. In times of need people are infinitely resourceful and able to see the hidden potential of their surroundings. The reasons why people find new uses in things fall into three categories: Convenience, Necessity and Play. Impromptu solutions are abundant in our everyday activities but these acts are not limited to playful sub- stitutions. People have the uncanny ability to turn the quotidian on its head in order to fulfill the immediate desires demanded by sex, drugs and violence.

This thesis examines moments of impromptu re- sourcefulness and demystifies the rationale behind unintended use. It is an investigation into the implicit and explicit roles that objects play in our daily lives. I created a series of modified objects responding to the common and uncommon misuses of everyday items. The objects are tools to help us overcome our functional fixedness and uncover the hidden potential in common objects. My method suggests potential applications in the pursuit of commercial product design and also serves as a polemic aid encouraging the discussion of uncomfortable topics.


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Publish Date  May 31, 2012

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