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India cannot go on much longer the way it is, ignoring the plight of millions of poor people, if peace and tranquility are to prevail. A free and democratic India needs to exist, but only if it can mobilize its human resources to work as one people for the common good. It must turn despair into hope, and promises into reality. The unanswered question is whether India's leaders and policy-makers can be persuaded to alter their priorities, policies and practices to benefit all its citizens, especially the women. Poverty in India has a female face. Be it hunger, education, children's health, maternal health, diseases including HIV and AIDS and even environmental sustainability, the brunt of poverty falls greatly on women. Accountability is at stake. No-one seems to be responsible for the lives of 5000 children who die every day (most of whom are girls) and the 78000 women who die every year? They die like stray dogs on the streets and nobody cares. Words like ‘Sovereign’ and ‘Socialist’ in the preamble of the Indian constitution seems like only an ornamental decoration for the poor masses in India, where food grains are rotting in storage's and people live without food and die of hunger. Where is the equality in India? If a poor man, child or a woman dies nobody bothers. India has over 230 million undernourished people. The majority are women and children. Generally in India, women are the one who eat last and least in the whole family.


About the Author

Birte Person
wreckedearth Australia

I have been photographing for many years mainly environmental and nature photography.My work has been and is published worldwide in photography magazines and other major publications.

Publish Date  June 05, 2012

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  160 pgs Standard Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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