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Meg Azzoni has compiled this selection of memories, letters and a poem in order that you may know John a little better. She was his one of his best friends in high school at Phillips Academy when they first dated. His heartfelt quest was to expose and bring to trial who killed his father and who covered it up. Bored with George, he was about to run for office with his beautiful and beloved wife. Eventually from the platform of the Presidency - (yes John I know you would have had to run for the privilege,
but you would have won)-, which controls the justice system, he could have set things straight. Since then Caroline tried to run for office, was not welcomed and decided to table the fight or remain a lover. Meg thinks his father's murder was part of a 60's power coup that erased beautiful and high-minded leaders in favor of commerce, the military-industrial complex and status quo "MONEY". Meg attended Princeton University, is an artist and residential architect.

"Charming letters for an early romance
are now etched in history as Meg Azzoni
tells about John Kennedy, Jr. at Andover
as he comes of age and later as he accepts
the quest as a man, to find justice for his
father. For John Jr., Meg is a friend of many
years as she courageously discloses her
heartwarming profound relationship.
Essential reading for the conspiracy
behind JFK's assassination." Barr McClellan

Barr McClellan was attorney-partner with
Ed Clark, the "secret boss of Texas". Clark
was also the only man LBJ trusted. Barr has
written and spoken extensively on the
conspiracy to kill John Kennedy. He fully
endorses Meg's "Reflections on his Quest"
and thanks her for the courage to disclose
and continue John Jr's search.


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I paint watercolors of homes and interiors and design residential architecture.

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cozypub says

In a review by Rodger Jones of the Dallas News, 1/12/13, of “Charlie Rose and the Kennedy Legacy”, RFK Jr is quoted-

RFK Jr: I think my father (Robert F Kennedy) was fairly convinced at the end of that that there had been involvement by somebody …

Charlie Rose: Organized crime, Cubans …

RFK Jr: Or rogue CIA …

Speaking of assassination researchers who have delved more deeply into new information, Kennedy said, “The knee-jerk reaction by the news media has been to marginalize or dismiss those people.”

The New York Post’s Cynthia R. Fagen quoted Bobby Kennedy in her story OSWALD DIDN’T GO IT ALONE, SAYS JFK NEPHEW. “The evidence at this point I think is very, very convincing that it was not a lone gunman,” Kennedy told TV interviewer Charlie Rose on Friday in front of an audience at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas.
The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal published no stories on the above.

Caroline Kennedy endorsed Barack Obama and on 9.6.12 said this sentence in her long speech," I was inspired by Barack Obama's vision for America, an America where we
look out for one another, where we take responsibility for our sisters and brothers, and most of all, for our

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Published October 26, 2012
Margaret Azzoni Watercolors - Fine Art photo book
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