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This is a cross selection from five different wedding that I have done in the last several months. I use this as a tool to show prospective clients what they can achieve and what type of images they will get if they hire me to document their special day. The Montreal Wedding was the best wedding I have been to in quite some time they really know how to have a good time.


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Brian Barrer
BBARRER Barrie, Ontario, Canada

As an artist, I don’t think ‘outside the box’, but rather I turn the box inside out, upside down, and view everything in the immediate environment as the canvas to create my images. Like an artist in any medium, I dread only the ‘block’ that may dam the flow of ideas. However, the norm is for internal forces, stories, and images to bubble continuously to the conscious surface of my mind; the question very quickly becomes “Do I create, or do I explode?”

In my creative process, depending on the theme or the inspiration of the moment, I make a conscious decision to view the subject a new through compartmentalization. When I encounter an unexpected image, I attempt to expand on it to see what I can create. I then try to match an existing technique to the working theme or create a new technique that suits the inspiration. I also draw inspiration from dreams and find myself distracted from everyday life by images or themes that demand my immediate attention.

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