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When my best friend for fifteen years died, I felt compelled to honor him with a tribute. Quay died on the summer solstice, and on this longest day of the year when the sun starts to recede toward the darkness of winter his great light went out, leaving a dark hole in my life. He was the best dog in the world and I will miss him always.

The title says it all, this is his memoir—a collection of anecdotes, photos, poems, and excerpts about dogs by other dog lovers.

Here is a sample of comments and reviews:

"What a moving and heartfelt tribute to your Best Friend. I was amazed at how many wonderful photos you have of him, and I loved the quotes interspersed throughout that honor the wonder of dogs."

"I loved the book. This has to be the most beautiful dog memorial I have ever encountered. The first part was easier to read before I had to start blinking back the tears. Thank you so much for sharing Quay; you have a true gift and do your friend justice. There is an intimacy with one's dog that no person can match."

"I loved your book about Quay, especially your beautiful photos that really captured his spirit. He was such a special dog, and so much YOUR dog. He knew you were his person and nobody else really mattered that much to him. As a result such relationships are amazing."

"I enjoyed reading the book about Quay. What a touching tribute, and what a fine life and people he had! I especially liked his calling card—hilarious!"

"I just finished your wonderful tribute to your best friend. About a third of the way through my eyes began to well-up and my nose began to drip. The welling and dripping continued until the last page and beyond. As always, your photos were amazing and perfect. Having read it, every day I will love my dogs even more for as long as I am privileged to have them with me".


About the Author

Dennis Slifer
dslifer The jungle (Lexington, VA), unless I'm in the desert (Santa Fe, NM).

Dennis Slifer is a writer and photographer with wide-ranging interests. He is the author of eight books about prehistoric rock art in the Southwest, as well as "The Caves of Maryland" and various environmental reports and magazine articles.

In 2007 he retired as an environmental scientist in New Mexico and moved to rural Virginia where he divides his time between writing, homesteading, and traveling. He has produced a memoir plus eleven other books with Blurb since 2011:

- Be Careful What You Wish For: The Saga of Sow’s Ear Farm
- Ambling Around the Atacama and the Altiplano
- Sol y Sombra: Meeting the Shadow
- Art on the Rocks: The Best of the Quest
- My People Collection
- Quay's Tale: A Memoir of Monkey Boy
- Critters: A Tribute to Compassion
- Sideway Cider Squeezin"
- Marking Change: Post-contact Rock Art in the Southwest
- Curios: Collecting Eclectic
- THIS IS IT!: Strange Signs, Social Oddities, and Antidotes to Boredom

Publish Date  July 11, 2012

Dimensions  Trade  120 pgs Color printing (on white uncoated paper)

Category  Pets

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