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three features —
the vignetting, the softness and the wide-angle perspective —
of this « Pinwide » pinhole should impose an aesthetic to the photographer.
in this set of photographs,
these aesthetic have created three sets of compositions and themes that could only be realized by subjecting the subjects to these three variables before the photograph is taken.
this book illustrates such a an approach to each photograph,
as the beginning of a longer journey to master the awareness of subjects and pinhole can produce.


About the Author

kodiak xyza
kodiakxyza san francisco, california

a San Francisco based photographer,
with time through out the year spent abroad,
mainly in Europe.
photography is used as means to a quest,
and the books are about revealing the vision of that quest on the subject.

interests also include concert,
wedding and portrait photography that emphasize elusive moments,
rather than emphasizing the wow and expected moments.

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diction- Paris [soft] - Fine Art Photography photo book
Published June 19, 2012
diction- Paris [deluxe] - Fine Art Photography photo book
Published June 10, 2012

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