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We do not need to lose any more Australian birds. The status of some birds has improved over the last two decades as a result of dedicated conservation management. Some may not have improved their lot but at least they are holding their own. Many Australians sadly still kill and bait their native birds. Many species of birds are continuing to decline and a distressing number are new to the list of endangered birds. Sadly over the last decade threatened species conservation appears to have gone out of fashion with government policy makers and public funding bodies. If Australia as a nation fails to take the actions needed it will be a poorer place in which to live. Australia also sadly holds the record as being one of the worst countries in the western world when it comes to the conservation of it's native fauna.


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Birte Person
wreckedearth Australia

I have been photographing for many years mainly environmental and nature photography.My work has been and is published worldwide in photography magazines and other major publications.

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