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Darkness settles over land, as whale upon whale is killed. The ocean lies as empty as the souls of the tribes people. And only Sarda—a young girl, wise beyond her years—is entrusted with the ‘key’ to heal the broken ties between humans and the sea.

This small tale has a big message. Beyond “save the whales”, it is seeing the vast humanity in the non-human. It is fantasy meets mythology meets fact. Its heroine, Sarda, with the help of her best friend, Nüna—who just happens to be a leviathan—changes the fate of her kind and that of the ocean’s, sending an inspiring and powerful message, especially to young people: they can make a difference on a global scale. The book’s main themes of inter-connectedness, respect, and non-violence are woven in through the myths and beliefs of ancient cultures, reenforcing the idea that preservation of sea life and world cultures go hand-in-hand—knowing our roots is detrimental to our longevity. The story is accompanied by vivid illustrations influenced by both modern and ancient art.


About the Author

Charlotte Noruzi
cnoruzi New York, NY, USA

Nüna, Song of the Whale is my second children's book. I have been an illustrator and designer for several years and my intent is to raise the level of the children's book to an art form, through sophisticated storytelling and art. Please also visit to view my first children's book, Grow, Watermelon, Grow.

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