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Highlights include Neil Young, Paul McCartney, Phil Collins, John McEnroe, Actress Ann-Marie Johnson. Plus many models, fashion beauty stuff as only I can do. Price is right! You'll enjoy this historic book.***I've been notified that Bob Seger is seated behind podium with his characteristic gray beard and wearing glasses (Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Bands star is located only a few away from Pauls').... there are other people I do not recognize, however the man standing between Neil Young and Sir Paul is Leron Gubler the latest President of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (performing the function the late Johnny Grant did in the last half century), performing as Master of Ceremonies. In my honest opinion this collectable will only go up in value with the passage of time! Offered for a limited time only!


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Kevin Perttula

(b. 1957) I am a mostly self taught, photo-artist who, at age 10 , began learning by doing after receiving a Black & White film processing kit. I fought my way out of the house by earning an athletic scholarship to play college football. After one year, taking what few classes in photography the college had to offer, I learned about Hurter–Driffield curves, what toe and shoulder are as well as what film base plus fog meant. I photographed my first of several billboard in 1980 for a Atlas Hotels, a local hotel chain, which was displayed at 32 locations in several states. Have worked for Paul Mitchell Systems and Sauvage Swimwear back in 1982-83. Moved to L A in '84 continued rebuilding my portfolio, and developing talent for a few top agents, while shooting the occasional commercial job. I'm available for commissioned work, while I work on my next book. My style is totally unique, and I make beautiful timeless images

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