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Following a brief introduction about the earlier Greek civilizations, this book describes the rise, fall, and legacy of the Roman Empire. It discusses the Republican period; Roman emperors; Roman architecture, religion, and art; the early development of the Christian religion; and Rome's lasting legacy. The book is correlated to the Virginia Standards of Learning for World History I. The book contains several hundred photos taken by the author and other members of his family.


About the Author

Leon Reed
lreed7649 Falls Church, VA

I worked for 30 years as a defense consultant and military historian before taking early retirement and becoming a high school history and ESOL teacher. I started traveling to historic sites with my parents and I've been taking photos of my travels since I was 8 years old. I've been a part-time freelance photographer (mainly sports) for 10 years and have coached soccer teams for 20 years.

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