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"What is the new mythology to be, the mythology of this unified earth
as of one harmonious being?" ........Joseph Campbell

Pueblo mythology tells that when each of the 3 previous worlds ended, it was Spider Woman who led the people through the kiva (or birth canal) into the next world. With so many people interested in the “2012 prophecy”, it seems strange that so few know of Spider Woman, the midwife/creatrix who plays a key role in this metaphor for our time. Perhaps the World Wide Web is Spider Woman's latest appearance. She's increasingly making visible strands of the Web of life, whether we speak of an evolving global human culture, ecology, quantum physics, or synchronicity and integral psychology.

“Spider Woman’s Hands” is my exploration of this myth, as a visual artist, community art project, and as a story teller.


About the Author

Lauren Raine MFA
laurenraine Tucson, Arizona

I've been a visionary artist for over 30 years, specializing in community art projects, sacred masks, and visionary arts. I also teach the Art of the Mask. In 2007 I had a fellowship at the Alden Dow Creativity Center to pursue my community arts project "The Hands of the Spider Woman", based upon the Native American legend; in 2009 I will be continuing the project at the Henry Luce Center at Wesley Theological University.

May we all become "Beautiful Weavers".

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