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Clan of Embers:
By Jack Shilkaitis

“My face is an icon of the gods’ glory, yours is merely a vague reflection. That is what makes my kind superior to yours; the difference between human and Phenari.”
“That is a lie.”
Humans arrived on the planet of Phenar over 300 years ago. They claimed to be gods, and in so doing changed the world of the Phenari forever. With the passage of time and the influence of the gods, the Phenari’s way of life has been retained only by rebel clans of old that have survived persecution and tyranny. Their goal is to remove the gods from the face of their world, and return Phenar to the way it was before human hands tainted it.

Tokara is a Phenari and follower of the god of war. Taken from his family at age ten, he has spent the last fourteen years training to become a soldier in the war god’s great army. Tokara’s uncle, Malthos, is the Chieftain of the Clan of Embers, a heretic and a fugitive. Malthos is dead set on proving the gods’ falsehood by any means necessary, and drawing as many to his cause as he can. Malthos’s agenda to usurp the gods and Tokara’s desire to serve them are about to collide.

Tokara’s faith is tested when a dying man calls him by his father’s name and a relic of his former clan, a stone painted with three flames, falls into his hands. Tokara knows he cannot hide from his past forever, or his uncle for that matter, and he finds himself tempted to commit the ultimate sin: Apostasy.


About the Author

Jack Shilkaitis
jackshil Des Moines, Iowa

Publish Date  August 18, 2012

Dimensions  Trade  372 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Science Fiction & Fantasy

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