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Artist Dorit Jordan Dotan, born in 1961, lives in Haifa, Israel. She is a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator and peace activist.
In her various fields of work, she documents with her camera the multiculturalism and political conflicts in Israeli society. In addition, she works with abstract and panoramic photography.
A substantial part of Dorit's documentary photography was created during her participation in social-political activities such as photos taken at an Israeli-Palestinian olive harvest, documentation of the anti-draft refusniks, anti-Occupation demonstrations and more.
In her first photography book, Dorit has chosen some of her favorite photographs from 2004-2008.


About the Author

Jordan Dotan
tapuzina Israel

Jordan Dotan Design Studio, located for the past 20 years in Haifa, Israel, is committed to a personal approach to design. We use our creative capabilities and years of experience to assist individuals, organizations and businesses achieve their design goals. Our clients include both local and international customers.

I believe that great design is the key to visual communication.

Exclusive Photographer to iStockphoto

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