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Abstractia in Etherics is the initial step in a five part body of work which carries its namesake. This is the culmination of work using unorthodox techniques developed over the last 35 years. In this series, Krutein creates a dialectic of both controlled and spontaneous interactions emanating from the combining of everyday substances like water, cooking oils and salt with those of harsh chemicals like bleach, battery acid and soldering flux. Brushing, channeling and fixing this brew onto mylar film, the artist is able to create wondrous organic shapes and forms. The clash of these materials creates a newly found harmony and beauty. Timing is crucial in the attempt to navigate these chemical and physical reactions and turn them into an art form. Once captured, the resulting image is scanned into the computer and digitally completed to the artist's satisfaction.

The inspiration for this collection is based on the synthesis of Celestial, Aquatic, Geophysical and Mystical concepts. Krutein has spent his life exploring the interplay of physics and the arts. From a fascination of Quantum Mechanics to a deep respect for the Miracle of Life, Wernher Krutein has explored the many facets that these ideas represent.

This is yet another manifestation of the artist's sense of awe and wonder for the universe. It pays homage to the Great Mystery.


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ilachina says

Extraordinary work! Creative, impassioned, technically flawless, and deeply mystical. You, sir, have a divine gift. Truly extraordinary.

posted at 10:51am Oct 23 PST


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