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Monograph of the 'Holocaust Series' of paintings by Geoffrey Laurence made between 1996-2010 with explanatory texts by Geoffrey Laurence and a forward essay by well known author and former museum director Professor Ori Z. Soltes of Georgetown University. Fully Illustrated.
“The Holocaust Series covers a wide conceptual territory, interweaving history and art history with serious thoughts and an marvelously astute paint brush. What begins with fragments of objects and continues with finely completed images also offers, in this volume, pieces and parts of the process of moving from idea to image. Thus the viewer is treated to a range of different issues to ponder that impose on a subject enveloped by the destructive impulse a masterful creative force.” - Dr. O. Soltes.


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Geoffrey Laurence
wunderkindt Santa Fe, New Mexico
The Holocaust Paintings - Arts & Photography photo book
Published July 03, 2012
The Holocaust Series - Fine Art photo book
Published May 05, 2012
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