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In 1981, about 25 people showed up at a bar in Port Dover Ontario. They lined their bikes up outside. This group of Bikers pulled a bunch of tables along one wall and partied all night, like only Bikers can do. At the end of the night they vowed to repeat this ritual every Friday the 13th.

On Friday, July 13 2012 photographer Jorge Cueto Herrera from travelled to Port Dover with the Independent Motorcycle Corporation to partake in this celebration. This is a glimpse into Motorcycle Culture.


About the Author
jorgecueto 122 Durham Street, Sudbury, Ontario is a photography studio located in Sudbury Ontario. Jorge Cueto Herrera is the eye behind the photos at The photographs created by are created to tell stories, document history, portray beauty of human culture. Culture is a mode of behaviours and actions that humans do. My photography is attempt to capture this.

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