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You know the way it goes, you're the Grim Reaper, bringer of doom, the embodiment of all that is evil, but every now and then, you just want to find a good tailor before you head off to bring some poor schmuck to their demise.

Okay, so maybe you don't know, but you're about to find out...

The Mysterious Seamstress and a Parking Ticket™
is the first book of the Vita Obscura Mini Collection, which is a series leading up to the release of the full novel, Langley Shivers™ due to be available soon!

Join Langley as he embarks on a tale of mystery, evil, magic and blood stains, which for him, is all in a days work.


About the Author

Callum Povey
calzoo England

Callum R Povey lives in England with his Fiancee Zoe, son Logan and dog Jasper

As well as being an author, Callum is a presenter for the gaming/movie/comic podcast; Podcast vs Player, as well as a writer for the critically acclaimed Blogcritics and VentureBeat

He spends too much time playing video games, collecting too many comics and spending far too much money on Batman Chess pieces.

He has a beard and wishes to become a member of the X-Men.

He's also make-believe to some people.

Publish Date  September 27, 2012

Dimensions  Trade  80 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Science Fiction & Fantasy

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