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"A Vision for Today," by Meg Pier, is a 365-day book featuring her photographs from locales around the globe, captioned by motivational and thought-provoking quotes from sages of the ages, ranging from Ovid to Oprah.

The book's photographs were taken in various locales the world over and include images from British Columbia and Nova Scotia in Canada; the Caribbean; Greece; Ireland; Italy; Mexico; Portugal; Spain; and Alaska, Louisiana and New England in the U.S.. The pictures depict settings that convey the beauty of the world we live in, and universal aspects of the human condition. Those quoted represent a breadth of cultures and spiritual movements, and include insights from philosophers, political leaders, writers, comedians, musicians, poets, artists, and others, from the B.C. era to today.

Themes addressed on the pages through the photographs and quotations include acceptance; personal growth through change; self-esteem and being comfortable with the person you are; seeing purpose and meaning in life; the essence of what it means to be human and how that essence is manifested ahd shared by all; and the inter-connectedness of the human race, over time and across geography. Pages are organized into monthly chapters, with the date notated at the top of each page. Each month's chapter is introduced with a title page featuring a quote that encapsulates the month's focus.


About the Author

Meg Pier
MegPier Nahant, Massachusetts, USA

Meg credits her husband and fellow traveler Tom with inspiring her love of photography, through his gift of her first camera in 1995. Her mother passed along the gene giving Meg her "eye," love of color and words, as well as a spiritual hunger.

In Meg's words: Photography is a passion for me, one that has grown over time. It allows me to change my perspective, see beauty in the everyday, "focus" on the moment at hand; it provides a sense of purpose to my other great love, travel to distant lands and cultures.

I can often wake up in a bad mood, so the practice of reading daily meditation books has turned my attitude around, a day at a time. The "meditation of the day" often presents exactly the message I am in need of, with unerring accuracy! Wanting more of this, I began delving into books of quotations.

This book is an outgrowth of these avocations intersecting.

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