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Life in Little Cove is safe, familiar and sedate, until events an ocean away draw Sam Eliot and Alison Granger into a tightening spiral of tragedy, failure and betrayal. In April 1917 the United States enters the war in Europe. Sam and Alison are affected by the disintegration of their safe world as Sam enlists, only to experience a personal tragedy soon afterwards that affects his ability to cope as a soldier. Alison, the daughter of a doctor, remains at home in the Maine coastal village and becomes involved in a scandal that shakes her faith in God and humanity.
A fearless chaplain and a Lusitania survivor guide each of them through the difficulties they experience until an influenza epidemic sweeps the globe and nobody emerges undamaged.
Can faith survive in the darkness of a world at war and unspeakable loss? This story answers that question with assurance; there is light even in the filth of the trenches and the degradation of humanity’s darkest vices.


About the Author

Noelle Carle
sandyflew Big Lake, Maine

Noelle Carle grew up in a large family in Maine, a familiar setting to her readers. Her journeys with her pastor husband and family have included time in a fishing village in Nova Scotia, in the suburbs of Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, in the breathtaking countryside of New Zealand, and now back home in Maine.

She loves to write stories of people realizing the love of God and seeing him work through the sometimes painful, dark periods that we all experience. Her role as a pastor's wife for over twenty-five years has given her insight into the bleakness of life without Christ, and the difference that his grace makes to those who accept him.

She also writes devotionals, Bible studies and teaching materials. She is a sometimes poet who finds her muse beside the waters of Big Lake, Maine.

Noelle has three children,four grandchildren, and a grand cat who thinks the world revolves around him.

Publish Date  October 06, 2012

Dimensions  Pocket  212 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Literature & Fiction

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