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Where the sky meets the earth is a sacred line.

On this natural line of demarcation not only do you have the heavens meeting the earth it is also where the sun rises and sets. Here too we are able to glimpse one of nature's most glorious, fleeting, and ever changing artistic masterpieces. In the skies over Lake Hefner, as with any body of water, we have the additional bonus of the water's surface at times acting like a mirror to double the wonderment of what we see. If you are ever caught in that poignant moment of pause, that pause in nature where the light and dark start to change places, remember to breath. For what is to come can sometimes just take your breath away with the awesomeness of its beauty.

This book, as the subtitle says, is an expanded edition of an earlier 8x10 book also published here This expanded edition has most of the pictures found in the earlier edition and of course additional images. The images in this one, and the earlier one, can take your breath away for a moment when you flip the pages and see them.

I've had the fortune of working for a company with their office right on the shores of one of the premier sailing lakes in the United States - Lake Hefner - which is located on the Northwestern side of Oklahoma City, OK. Sailing? In Oklahoma? Yes, for Lake Hefner is a man made lake which sits high in the surrounding topography. The kite-surfers and sail-boarders all love it too. Being in the middle of the prairie, with the dusty southwestern air, we get FANTASTIC sunsets. We are also in the heart of what is called tornado alley so we get dramatic cloud formations to go with the sunsets or just by themselves. Bring all of this together, along with the office looking west across the lake, and having nothing but windows on that side of the building, and you get one heck of an office view every day.



About the Author

L. K. Bishop
LKBishop Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA
I was born elswhere in the USA yet I grew-up and currently live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Among other things I am an: Architect, Amature nature photographer, Poet, Novelist, Artist & Toastmaster

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