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Captured Characters is a compilation of street, documentary, concert and portraiture photography as a means to showcase Sydney photographer Ray Galea's work. But the scale of the task was to pursue his passion with a newly acquired camera.
"Most of my subjects felt comfortable about themselves and offered something different to my lenses. For instance, the front jacket illustration, titled Chef Fesal - The Italian Bowl, evolved while I awaited for my meal at a popular restaurant in bohemian Newtown. Camera in hand, I captured the blazing scene for a mere two seconds."
"It's not magic. I leave my ego at the door and try to see every opportunity and movement as potentially riveting. Success in people photography is being observant and one-on-one with individuals from various walks of life," said Galea.


About the Author

Ray Galea
raynikon Neutral Bay, Sydney, Australia
"Photography is integral to my consciousness. The greatest satisfaction comes from those unique moments of discovery when an image expands the boundaries of my vision and technique."

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