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Half-way between "My big fat Greek wedding" and "A year in Provence", this autobiographical novel will give you a priceless insight into French provincial society. Going as far back as the French revolution, two currents flow through it: grace and mischief, united for better and for worse. Rich with humor and emotion, it is a story about resilience, and about the importance of love to overcome challenges and to grow. The characters are colorful, endearing, hilarious at times. Seen through the eyes of a child, and then of a young adult, they remind us that we are all human beings striving to do our best, despite our shortcomings. This novel is about the evolution of consciousness. It will touch your heart, and inspire you to live your life with awareness and joy.


About the Author

sylvie seiersen
sylan Oakville, On, Canada
Born in the French Alps, in Grenoble, Sylvie graduated in Political Sciences and holds a master's degree in English, with highest honors. She was a lecturer in the top preparatory schools for Political Sciences in Paris, and also translated some 25 novels from English into French, as well as a book on the tea ceremony in Japan. While a translator, she could not wait to write her own books. She even went as far as to change a character in a novel, and got told off by the publisher! She loves to travel and is a lover of the arts. She has been a painter and a photographer for many years, and has exhibited her paintings several times, both in Paris and in Toronto. The art and the photographs in her books are all by her. Some of her short stories have been published by GivalPress, both in English and in French, for University language students. She now lives both in Toronto and in Maui, Hawaii.

Comments (6)


franckello says

I was so moved by the story... It reminded me of my own... Sylvie explores emotions with such spontaneity and candor. Thank you.

posted at 08:04am Nov 19 PST


alderian says

A very gifted story-teller... And a fascinating insight into European ways.

posted at 07:09am Jul 29 PST


markoun says

Difficult relationships, conflict, even tragedy... but also joyful, warm, humorous... what a family is made of. A wonderful novel.

posted at 10:29am Jun 22 PST


lydou says

Authentic, moving, entertaining... A wonderful way of learning about French history. I loved it.

posted at 08:19am Jun 10 PST


Koala1 says

Witty, funny, fast-paced, and very informative. Definitely a must-read

posted at 03:29pm Jun 07 PST


lydom says

Well written, colorful, eventful... could not put it down! How we shape the life of children, often without realizing it...

posted at 06:44am Jun 07 PST


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