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Viewmaster is a collection of poetry over cityscapes, landscapes and fragments of photography.

The pieces are principally the result of travels of the author and the relationships/noticed connections that resulted.

The author believes that poetry and photography combined into Picture Poetry is much more powerful than either singular medium. Overlaid again and interspersed with iconic shots of familiar travel destinations (beaches, famous cities, wild animals etc) makes both mediums more accessible and enjoyable to all.

Hopefully you will get as much enjoyment and sharing from this book as the author has had over the last few years while putting it together.

Any of the pictures in the book can also be purchased as posters in various sizes by contacting the author (contact details in the book).



About the Author

Gareth Flood
Gflo004 UK

Gareth Flood has lived in South Africa, New Zealand and England.

His first novel 'Oil and Corruption', is out now.

Viewmaster is his first collection of Picture Poetry.

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