Click to preview a bird is, in a flight, a man is ready, to deny. pocket and trade book

because we don't fly,humans,have a strong relation with birds.
birds came into our cities,for protection from predators,food,nest,secure reproduction.
The nature , WISELY is adaptive.
a humble contribution , by me,is this gaze
and a no-you can't,by definition,maybe is
a deep experience,thus ,a great lesson.
Thank you for your concern.
we stay on ground,they stay in sky.


About the Author

stavros karabinas
pasmin Thessaloniki,Thessaloniki,Greece

18 years a pharmacyst,a very good job.
in Thessaloniki is my pharmacy,my home.
i have been involved with( digital,b&w,artistic,social,documentary,wilf life only for birds) photography the last 5 years.
a passionate amateur,hobbist by intention,with a pro quality.
educated in photography,my love for this art is great.

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