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A 130th anniversary history and register of the cadets of the Knickerbocker Greys. This cadet corps was founded in New York City in 1881 and continues today. New York's earliest families are covered in this book as they relate to their children who were members of this organization, such at the Vanderbilts, Schermerhorns (Suydam, Cutting and Wilson) as well as current and past cadets from different eras leading up to 2011. The book includes a register of former cadets spanning the history of the Knickerbocker Greys. Numerous historic photographs, to include photos of standing buildings, allow a unique discovery of early New York City and this historic cadet corps.


About the Author

LTC Thomas Pike, Jr.
Thomas Pike, Jr. joined the Knickerbocker Greys in the 1970's when Major Frederick Haight, II was Commandant. He remembers Major Haight as "the pinnacle of duty, honor and country; a reminder of the positive influence that men of honor can have on children." He graduated as Cadet Colonel and currently serves as President of the Knickerbocker Greys Veterans' Corps and as Assistant to the Commandant of the Greys. In 1986, he joined the military at the suggestion of 1LT Ike Skelton, the son of Congressman Ike Skelton. Today, he is an active duty Lieutenant Colonel and an academic fellow with the U.S. Army War College studying joint inter-agency operations. During his twenty six years of Army service, he has held numerous assignments. He served on the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon and was later stationed at historic Ft. Hamilton in Brooklyn, NY. He has held several commands at various levels to include service in Afghanistan.
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