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On the Cape Peninsula, massive weather fronts collide with the coast, turning the ocean wild. The waves thicken in the angry winds, rear up and smash against the tip of Africa. We pull on our wetsuits with gritted teeth, sometimes a desperate chuckle. We hike across bush and a barrier of sharp rocks. We fling ourselves into the forest of kelp. The icy water floods our wetsuits, telling us that we are not welcome. Our hands turn into burning claws. The wind whips our eyes, the rain bites our faces. The kelp drags at our leashes, but we kick and pull. We push under the first wave, stunned at the pain of a frozen brain. At the back, we watch the stormy sea rise up off the reef into a towering wedge. We turn and paddle against the wind. We force ourselves down the face of the wave. The fight is over. We are up on the driving, choppy face. We brace against the wave, yet submit to its force. We ride the powerful surge, joined at last with the storm’s creation.

In this book, Dirk captures beautiful moments of this sudden, wild peace, this merging between surfer and storm.


About the Author

Dirk Schmidt
drdirk Simons Town - Western Cape, South Africa
Whether its big wave surfing, shark diving with Great Whites...adventure is addictive, like the very essence of life, it runs in your veins to seek adventure in the face of adversity and discomfort... waiting to be discovered in your primordial subconcious, it leis residual in all who dare to discover the boundries of your own abilities... live life, enjoy life to the fullest and be in awe of all creation, as Albert Einstein said..." We still dont know one thousands of a percent of what nature has revealed to us" I believe in giving back to nature, the best way I can do that is through my photgraphy and making people aware of the species, sharing some understanding and insights to its vital interaction in the cycle of life and that all species deserve to be conserved for all generations. Part of my book proceeds are donated to enviromental organizations to further the understanding and preservation of species and their environment.

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vrh says

Great waves.

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