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Speculative Enigmatic Philosophy is a book about Philosophy. It contains contemporary philosophical views and theories. Written for a general readership, Speculative Enigmatic Philosophy, attempts to shed some light, via analysis, on topics of both philosophical and general interest. This monograph is the effect of hard work and due thought.
The author navigates through topics ranging from Causation, which was raised by Aristotle, to Perfection and Time amongst others. The views of the author will make the reader want to put himself in the author’s shoes to better understand the core of each chapter. The book is one based on quality rather than quantity. The abstract aspect of some of the topics raised makes it worth the effort of reading.
One thing, amongst others, which is really great about this book, is the fact that author left a few quotes. Quotes of his own which will for sure make the reader cogitate about them. As means of an end, from the title itself, the author points out that the issues raised are in a speculative sense.


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Bhakshi D.S. Mohit

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