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Chronology is order. It's a path from point A to point B, or a series of events that lead up to the present day. These images are the chronological order of the selected scenes that I have captured in 2012. They tend to be ordinary places that I find along my way to point B. Soon point B becomes A and a never ending cycle begins. I am along for the ride, documenting the scenes as I progress.

Events are unfolding and new locations and objects are seen as I compose the image in the viewfinder. The light highlights and draws attention to the subjects. Through the pages of a book, time can be sped up or slowed down, played in reverse or moved forward. The images may feel random, but they are bound by the scenes as they present themselves. The subjects will vary but they all have a place in the chronological order of one year.


About the Author

James Gehrt
jgehrt Easthampton, MA, USA
I have been carrying a camera with me for 25 years. I shoot the things in life, were I am. The subjects are usually not beautiful on their own, but somehow strike me by the beauty found in their commonality. Not the extraordinary, but the ordinary. Simple, usually quiet subjects that may go unnoticed. Black and white because, I guess that is the way I see. To me, my images feel a bit sad, a bit strange, a bit interesting, and the subjects, somehow unique. I hope you enjoy and thank you for visiting.
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