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The artist offers a collection of over 80 fine art paintings that highlight the San Joaquin Valley and Stockton, California region. "Despite decades of being overlooked as a distant, if not invisible or unworthy periphery community: to California's government seat (Sacramento), to the heart of high-tech innovation from the San Francisco Silicon Valley peninsula region, or to media entertainment centers in the Los Angeles basin, the people of Stockton courageously live, work, endure and celebrate the arts. Each year the National Civic League, an American non-profit organization, awards an All-American City Award to ten cities after reviewing several criteria including: maximum civic engagement and collaboration of sectors and constituencies across boundaries; community decision-making recognition and involvement of diverse segments and perspectives; creative use and leveraging of community resources; demonstrated significant and specific community achievement impacts. Through their rigorous analysis and review, the National Civic League awards cities which evidence successful model charters. Stockton, California was twice granted (years 1999 and 2004) the All-American City Award."


About the Author

Vanessa Hadady, BFA, MA
VHadady California, USA

VANESSA HADADY is a third generation classically trained painter who began practicing formalized painting in 1974. She obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico. There, among several scholars, she studied under Gene Frumkin (poet), Joel-Peter Witkin (photographer), and Thomas Barrow (photographer) while sitting in critiques by Julian Schnabel (filmmaker/artist) and the late Joan Brown (artist). Ms. Hadady has received recognition by the National Museum of Women in the Arts Archive on Women Artists, Washington, D.C. In California, she has shown in Davis, Berkeley, San Francisco, Silicon Valley areas, while having pieces in private and corporate collections. During year 2010 she entered works into completion and won sweeping regional class/division awards. During the same year, one of her quotes was included in "Art Studio Door Signs" by Jerry Saltz (T. Ward, ed.). Her watercolor "California Valley" was scheduled into the

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Published December 30, 2012
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Year 2012, Annotated - Fine Art photo book
Published November 20, 2012
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